Friends or Lovers

We traveled the world on separate paths
stealing glances between the trees
and sharing moments from afar
Though our voices could call out in comfort
our hands could never touch
and no matter how dear or true
our hearts might have been
they could never beat as one

As we moved along
two lives in parallel
we swapped stories on quiet nights
and bared ourselves like never before
we marched forward
pushing through tragedy and triumph
with a constant eye to the path beyond
aching for what awaited through the howling trees

Though we picked up fellow travelers
and bonded with other souls
the face beyond the trees haunted us both
But as two lives in parallel
doomed never to meet
we made our own happiness
and found our own dreams
while waiting for the two paths to meet

Yet, even as we wished on every star
for our roads to intersect
we knew we could be in the arms of another
unable to share the desired embrace
Still, no cruel twist of fate
could keep our two souls apart
and whether we meet as friends or lovers
neither shall endure a broken heart

So as we stand here silently
two faces between the trees
let's raise our glass
to toast the stars
and give thanks to friends and lovers
For no matter which role you play
the result will be the same
two hearts will be light
at least for one day

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64 Responses to Friends or Lovers

  1. dark B says:

    I am a dedicated fan of your work I love reading your poems they really connect to my life and the life of my friends your awsome i just thought i would tell you that


  2. Bran says:

    *Happy sigh*

  3. The Somber One says:

    When I read that poem, I thought of an old friend of mine. Except she didn't feel the same way to me as I did to her.

  4. -Christina- says:

    This poem has touched me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Thank you. You have managed, once again, to put everything i've felt into words when all I can get out is a mumble.

  5. Robin says:

    This is so beautiful, it reminds me of a dear friend…it makes me wistful…

  6. Torrie says:

    You asked for me to give you my input on your poetry so for you raven i will, i may be a newer member of your site but i have fallen in love with your talent for naturally Divine words. i have never met you but and never will but i feel like i am now connected to you. your poetry touches everyone on this site, and i myself cannnot get enough. thank you for being here and expressing your like-mind. This poem hits me so many times over, it was how i felt for the longest time we were friends, he is my bestfriend still and we will love each other until there is no more love in the veins of this earth. i am forever glad that i took a step forward. thank you.

  7. LaLoni says:

    The end is the same, isn't it………..? There is a light when there is acceptance and love. You have opened my eyes once again, Raven. Thank you.

  8. Ashton says:

    Raven that was great! your poems are so beautiful. keep up the good work.

  9. Gabby says:

    hey.. this poem is great… i love it..!! i have this friend and this poem kinda reminds me of how we are.. so yeah…!

  10. Jess says:

    Once again you have been able to voice the silent tauntings, which I too feel. I thank you. Nothing is better than reading the words of your soul and knowing the same are felt by someone else.

  11. Alexandrea says:

    wow, that's really great. it reminds me of this guy I was friends with that I really liked for a while..

  12. Hugh says:

    I loved the Poem Raven, it truly shows, how those who can never be lovers feel for one another.

  13. Ashley says:

    wow, memories of an old friend. really goo djob raven.

  14. Saige says:


  15. tabatha says:

    That was a gordeous poem. i loved it.

  16. Ben says:

    it'd downright eerie how your words are my life

  17. darkstar says:

    i am in awe those are the feelings that i have at this moment about the love of my my life but we are so far apart i fear we are drifting apart but i just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work

  18. zayn says:

    ur poems alwayz touch me! u have such a fascinating way with words..!! i luvd it!!!

  19. melissa says:

    Cool it was great.

  20. AJ says:

    wow, i dont think there are ne other words.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    I really enjoyed this poems. It suprises me how this poem really relates to a situation I'm in right now. Keep up the good work.


  22. the silent banshee says:

    hey, i really loved this one above all the rest, yes ive read all your poems over 10 times each and this is my favorite, your best work yet, and i no theres better to come cuz there always is, i hope u dont like stop righting for n e reason, alot of people love this site and well its the best potry ive read since the poem "Raven" by edgar allen poe and he was (in my apinion) the best poet of all time and your fallowing in his exclelency. keep up the awsome wrighting and have fun doing it, c ya

  23. Amber Howard says:

    awww sum dude

  24. Grace says:

    You're poems are always amazing. I knew this would be good before reading it, and you know what? I was wrong. Because this is great! Seriously Raven, you have the best poems I have ever read.

  25. greenlight911 says:

    wow…you have such a beautiful perspective on life and your personal experiences. but to be able to transform those feelings and thought into words as beatiful as the poem i just read, is truly a rare gift that you have been blessed with. plz dont stop. your peoms are so intruiging.


  26. jocy says:

    is really a good poem. absolutely identify myself with this poem every word there stabed me in my chest im passing thru the same thing right now. one of the best poems i ever read my respect for the one who wrote it.

  27. blackwater 23 says:

    all though we may never find our true lovers and friends, we'll still have that special person to step in our lives to show us our path.
    but not everybody is never that lucky.
    though, we all have that someone and ourselves that go seprate ways and end up with somebody else…..sad.

  28. Daphne Vigil says:

    this really touched me. I can't totally relate to this poem at the moment

  29. Ravyn says:

    Beautiful. Although I admit it is not your poetry that makes it so. Its you Raven. You are beautiful. As always your poetry has touched me.

  30. vala_verena says:

    Beautiful, I am truly inspired. I love it, I have never read anything more beautiful. You should be proud, I am. Your insight is incredible, I am taken back. I am an avid lover of poetry, gothic poetry in particular, and am so glad to have found your site. You have made my day, thank you.

  31. melissa says:

    it was beautifull i loved it i hope one day my poems will be as good as that

  32. Keely says:

    This sounds like something I have experienced. I enjoy how you brought it to a realistic level and yet… let it sway in a mystical setting.
    I am proud of you and your work. Excellent job.

  33. fallenangel says:

    simple amezing!!!so very true..u knw what is right yet u never go bout doing what is right

  34. Converse says:

    Thank you

  35. H. Baddley says:

    This is starkly beautiful and touches the heart. Enjoyed the read very much!

  36. Jean says:

    fantastic poem. I just related to it impecably. Keep up with your brilliant poetry. Thanks for writing such a wonderful poem

  37. Shadow says:

    So far so good, I'm dying to hear more
    of your darkness.

  38. KRYSTAL says:


  39. brandi says:


    i love your work! i'm in english class right now, and we're doing a poetry project… my teacher gave us a list of possible poets to research, but i asked her if i could choose you as my poet. your gothic poetry reaches me easily, bringing me to a world i truly admire, and i just wish that my poetry could be as beautiful.

    love, brandi
    (age 16)

  40. Raechel H. says:

    I love your work! its so inspirational to me.

  41. Lexi says:

    Your poem made me think of a friend I like i'll
    give it him thanks!!=)

  42. Lexi says:

    Your poem made me think of a friend I like i'll
    give it him thanks!!=)

  43. christine says:

    this is just so beautiful

  44. Becky says:

    brillent and yet sympathetic

  45. longshadow says:

    thanks again. I'll send it to a girl "friend" i feel feelings for. The world is so cruel… love is cruel…

  46. haley dawn says:

    If you know poetry then you should tell that this is wonderful

  47. Hunter says:

    beautiful. i read this poem at a time when the message means a lot to me. i see you well raven.

  48. michael kay says:

    a very moving piece, well thought out. i am also
    a writer of some sort. hope someday to showing you
    my dark/light/gothic material, i'm looking forward to it. this is a great, great piece of art/work.

  49. Winter Maiden says:

    Beautiful, and hauntingly true, for who has never felt the wish for a friend to be so much more? Or the ache of knowing that cannot be? Raven, your work is truely art, I hope to see more of it. –Maiden

  50. jess bowling says:

    This poem isso beautiful

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